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Types of bets on boxing

Types of bets on boxing

Betting on the outcome

The standard type of bet is a bet on the overall outcome of the confrontation. There can be 3 options: a win for each of the boxers and a draw. A draw in boxing is an extremely rare result. Usually the odds on a draw are over 20, while the victory of the favorite is estimated from 1.01 to 1.5.

Betting on an early victory

An early victory in boxing is a knockout when one of the opponents misses a punch, falls down and cannot get up to continue the fight in the time allotted by the rules. Knockouts are a frequent occurrence in the heavyweight division, as athletes in this category have the hardest punches.

Betting on a victory on points

A boxing bout can last a long time and not end in a knockout. In that case, the judges must decide who to award the victory to. They count the total number of useful actions of each athlete, tally the points scored and give the verdict. Such decisions are not always objective, but there is no alternative: boxers can’t fight indefinitely.

Betting on the number of rounds

According to the regulations, a boxing fight is limited to a certain number of rounds. In the case of a knockout, the fight ends early. The essence of a bet on the number of rounds is to guess how many rounds the fight will last. You can take either the exact number or the total.

What to pay attention to before betting on the boxer

betting on the boxer
  • Physical condition

Boxing fights are rare, so it is important to assess the physical condition of the athlete and his readiness for the fight. If the boxer has had an injury recently, maybe he has not yet gained the necessary conditions and will not be able to fight at his full strength. An injury affects not only punching power and speed of movement, but also the boxer’s style. For example, an attacking boxer after an injury will have to defend more, which is an unusual style for him. It is very likely that he will suffer a defeat.

  • Moving from one weight class to another

A boxer could perform well in his usual weight class and be considered the favorite in it. Moving up to another weight class could change everything. If a boxer moves up a weight class he’ll have to face stronger punches and defensive tactics. If a boxer moves up to lightweight, however, he needs to be prepared for increased speed.

  • Preparation for the fight

Boxing fights may be planned well in advance, or they may be announced suddenly. It is important to find out if the boxer has been preparing for the fight and has studied his opponent’s tactics and style. If there was no preparation, it is better not to bet on the boxer.

  • Previous results and motivation

Before betting on a boxer, it is useful to study the statistics of his previous performances and assess the level of motivation. Beginning athletes are charged to win, they need to win titles. Boxers with a name are trying not to lose the championship belt and also give their best.

It is also important to look at the results of their head-to-head encounters. An athlete that was defeated and wants a rematch is more motivated. There is such a category of opponents as uncomfortable. They require a special attitude and preparation.

  • Style and tactics

To determine a boxer’s style and tactics, you need to look at several previous fights and identify similarities. There are boxers who try to decide the outcome of the fight in the first round by knocking out with hard punches. There are the boxers who choose discontinuous tactics: first they speed up, then on the contrary, they dry the fight. There are also fighters who like to play stamina and hold out until the last round, wearing their opponent down.

After analyzing the tactics of both athletes, you have to compare them and try to determine the favorite.


betting on the boxing
  • The favorite is likely to win.

Unlike soccer, in boxing the favorite can win 5 or 10 matches in a row. It makes sense to identify favorites in different weight classes and bet on them. And not individually, but in expresses, in order to raise the correct odds to 1.8-2.

  • Bookmakers always underestimate newcomers

If one of the participants is a beginner, the bookmaker will almost certainly count him among the outsiders and give high odds. Usually the newcomer is really an outsider. But if there is an insight that the newcomer is talented and the favorite is not in perfect shape, it is worth catching the high odds.

  • Overtaking and Co. don’t work

Catch-up strategy and other strategies that are designed to increase the amounts or a large number of bets do not work in the case of boxing. If in soccer you can bet from match to match, in boxing this will not work. Boxing fights are very irregular: it is not always clear when the next fight will take place and if it will take place at all.

  • Forks between Europe and the USA

Bookmakers in the United States regularly underestimate boxers from Europe. This is a great opportunity to catch a fork. You have to bet on a European at an American bookmaker company, and on an American at a European one. Of course, this scheme works if the odds of each to win is greater than or equal to 2. If that is the case, you are guaranteed a win.


To succeed in betting on boxers, you need to clearly identify favorites and promising newcomers. It is also worth remembering that standard betting strategies do not always work in the case of boxing. But it is possible to catch a fork or undervalued odds, on which you can make good money.

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