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Top 5 slots based on historical movies

Top 5 slots based on historical movies

The historical genre is one of the most spectacular and large-scale in the history of cinema. An important component of this genre is historical authenticity, which can only be recreated by the painstaking work of makeup artists, costumers and set designers. That’s why the best foreign historical films are very expensive to produce but definitely worth watching.

Do you like historical movies? And movies whose characters are set in events from other eras? Then read our new selection of heroes and seekers, legends of their time and fictional characters that help us get to the heart of the eras.

Tip before starting

Choosing a machine for the most profitable game, you need to know in advance about what percentage of payout in it laid, as well as how long ago was the last big win in this game. The first rule you should know – a large part of the success depends on the selected slot machine. The choice of the slot determines how much you can “raise” in one session and whether you will get a valuable experience from such entertainment.

1. Rambo

Rambo slot

Everything is clear from the name, Stallone fans, rejoice. You have created a slot with a very unusual field, the ability to run up to 15 Frispinov and 720 ways to win! Field unusual format is filled with a variety of characters from the Vietnam War, and the wilds are made in the form of animation with your favorite hero.

2. Gladiator 

Imperial Ancient Rome appears in all the glory of the slot in front of the player, be sure to recognize the plot of the same name Ridley Scott movie. How will you act when the game line manages to defeat a gladiator? Play at risk, trusting the emperor, or take your winnings?

3. The Phantom Of The Opera 

The Phantom Of The Opera  slot

This slot is dedicated to the latest film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera in 2004. You will be surprised and delighted by the three bonus games and an additional round in which the falling chandeliers become a wild symbol. Apparatus is very giving – winning combinations fall at every step!

4. Jurassic Park

How about the history of the planet? Jurassic Park slot has been waiting for you at the casino! Favorite characters and dinosaurs are spread out on a classic 5×3 field in round icons on the background of the impenetrable jungle! As a bonus you can get 12 freespins and a variety of bonuses using the wild symbol.

5.  Legend Of Cleopatra

Legend Of Cleopatra slot

There are quite a few slots dedicated to Cleopatra and the movies about her, but this deserves special attention because that his six reels provide an incredible number of winning lines that you are sure to get lucky, and often on multiple lines at once! In addition, with certain combinations, you can count on additional scrolling.

We hope you get a lot of pleasure from contact with the coming to life in front of your eyes story!

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