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Top 3 popular card games in casinos

Top 3 popular card games in casinos

Humans associate the word “casino” with roulette. Yes, indeed, for many years roulette has been the win-win brand of all gambling establishments, but it is far from being the most popular type of gambling. According to the statistics the place of the leader belongs to card games, and about them in particular we will tell in this article explaining why it”s so.


Baccarat is one of the most popular card games

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games at goxbet casino. Over the centuries of its existence has had time to form several subspecies of Baccarat, differing in the number of cards in the game, the rules of buying, and some other details.

This diversity is not a hindrance to start the game. The entry threshold in Baccarat even for the novice player is very low – no matter how different depending on the type of baccarat rules, they are always easy to remember and lend themselves to logic. The goal of the game, too, is always the same – to guess who will win by betting on a draw, a player win or a dealer win; each option pays differently:

  • Player win 1:1,
  • a win for the dealer 19:20,
  • A draw 8:1 or 9:1.


Blackjack is one of the most common games in virtual casinos. Its popularity is based on fairly simple rules and the ability to quickly get the coveted winnings. However, one successful session is not the final goal of this gambler. It is important to develop a scheme of the game, in which success will accompany the player consistently.

Features of online blackjack

Unlike a real gambling hall, where several players gather around the same table, virtual blackjack in Goxbet is a duel between a gambler and a soulless machine. Here the principles of psychology do not work, it is impossible to copy the dealer’s behavior and it is impossible to choose the most successful place at the table.

Online casinos have their own advantages, which are manifested in blackjack:

  • The playing session at the online casino is very fast, which allows the gamble player to get a substantial win in a short period of time;
  • Since the player has all the boxes at his disposal, he can quickly change the game strategy, vary the size and number of bets;
  • in online casinos gambler has a real chance to win any of the many varieties of blackjack and quickly switch to different game tables;
  • The progressive jackpot, since the casino jackpot is based on a certain percentage of all bets, is much greater than the amount that can be won in a real casino.


Tips for poker

These days playing poker has become fashionable and prestigious. It forces people to study books and internet sites on the theory of the game to fight in skill with the opponent and to become the best! Internet poker is becoming increasingly popular.

Many online casinos offers you an exciting and fascinating journey into the world of online poker.

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