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Top 5 Best Manga-themed Slots Games

Top 5 Best Manga-themed Slots Games

This article will give a brief overview of what a manga is and then present a top 5 of the best online slot games that use the manga theme.

Manga in the world of casino games

Thanks to the emergence of manga games that have become increasingly popular over the years, you won’t be surprised to learn that creators of online casino games have decided to take advantage of them. Several must-try online casino sites now offer many casino games such as slot machine games with a theme that represents the world of manga.

So we can find either characters, music, manga features like the ones we saw earlier or special bonuses that serve to put the player in the mood. Slot games are therefore casino games that give the possibility to different players to win money by betting a certain amount of money at the beginning. These games are among the most popular online casino games among gamblers and the world of manga has been incorporated into many of them.

What is a manga?

You’ve probably heard the term manga before in your life, but you’re not sure what it means. A manga is actually a word used to refer to a Japanese comic book. Manga’s are very popular in Japan and everyone reads them. In fact, many Japanese manga are translated into many languages, including French, so that they can be read by readers all over the world.

Japanese manga accounts for nearly 40% of the books and magazines published in Japan and began to be marketed and become popular as early as the 1860s. Several characteristics are unique to manga, including the way the pages are read. Manga is read from right to left and not from left to right like an ordinary book. Manga are also in black and white and are not illustrated with colors. Another characteristic to note is in the way the manga is drawn. The drawing is less static than in European comics and the expressions on the faces of the characters are also more accentuated. For example, to show that a character is fainting, a small cross will be drawn in the eyes.

The popularity of manga has increased over time and among the manga that have become known worldwide we can note the Naruto series. Many people recognize Naruto as a television series for young children, but before it was a television series, it was originally manga even though the writing of the end of the arc of the Bread on Konoha assault was not an easy task.

It was after seeing the interest of young people reading these manga that a TV series was developed later in the 2000s. The same example can be mentioned for the Japanese series Pokémon. The series, however, started as a video game before it became a TV series and later a manga series. Nowadays, manga such as Dragon Ball and Akira are still very popular among Japanese readers, and it is from these types of manga that the slot machine creators were inspired. Here is now a top 5 slot machine games with Japanese manga theme.

Manga Crazy

Manga Crazy slot

Manga Crazy is a slot machine game that is directly inspired by the world of manga. First of all, all the symbols we find in the game refer to the characteristics of a manga. The symbols represent boys, girls, pandas and a cat. The two animals mentioned are known worldwide to be very present on the Asian continent and the way the boys and girls are drawn in the game is a direct wink to the manga. Indeed, the emotion can be read very easily in the eyes of the characters and we can then very well detect what they are experiencing. Maga Crazy offers five reels with three rows of symbols and five possible paylines.

There are different winning combinations in the game, but a player must get two or more similar symbols. They must also be placed one after the other on a line and each winning combination must start from the first reel on the left. Like all good slot games, a bonus mode is also available. Bonuses often allow players to win additional games and therefore more chances to win something. In Manga Crazy, your bonus will be available when you notice a special table with stars. You will then have to click on one of the stars to reveal your bonus which will actually be a certain amount of extra money. This amount is calculated based on the total number of bets you made at the start of a round. This slot game is therefore the perfect game for those who are fans of manga and online casino games.

Moon Princess

This slot machine game is based on the character Sailor Moon, who has just had an anniversary show, a heroine with magical powers. This character is very well known in Japan and first appeared in the manga Sailor Moon in the 1990s.

The casino game thus essentially takes up the universe of this manga with, in particular, the symbols that represent the character of Sailor Moon, but also her other fellow princesses. What is very different in this game is that there are no paylines. In order to get a winning combination, you only need to have 3 similar symbols horizontally or vertically. Once you have a winning combination, it will disappear and the remaining icons will fall. Your turn will continue until you are no longer able to get a winning combination. It is also important to note that each time you clear a combination it increases your chances of winning and activates the multipliers that act as bonuses.

Three new symbols will therefore appear. 

  • The symbol called Wild allows you to multiply your winnings up to 20 times. 
  • The second symbol is called Girl Power. It can be triggered at any time during a non-winning game. It will also depend on what kind of princess appears to the right of your grid. 
  • Each princess has her own abilities in terms of combinations. 
    • Princess Love is a set of symbols that transforms into other symbols. 
    • Princess Star allows the grid to receive one Wild symbol and Princess Storm allows two identical symbols to be removed from your game grid. 
    • The last symbol is Princess Trinity. This bonus is in action when your bonus gauge is full. 

Your gauge fills up automatically when symbol combinations with princesses are winning. With your gauge full, you’ll get a free spin when resetting the deposit multiplier. The last bonus round you can have is more free spins when your entire symbol grid is cleared. You will then have three possible free spins options. The minimum starting bet for Moon Princess is 20 cents and the maximum bet is 100 Euros.

Magical Stacks

Magical Stacks

Another very good slot machine game that is 100% based on the manga universe with its symbols that remind us of Asian and Japanese culture is Magical Stacks. 5 reels and 20 paylines will allow you to win money. The principle of the game is to get identical symbols. Sometimes you will see cubes that will turn into the same symbol and give you a chance to win even more if they match symbols already present on the reels. There will be a lot of free games for you, because by winning three or more identical symbols anywhere on the reels, you can win 10 free games with a payout multiplier between 2 and 6 times. The game has two bonuses.

The first one is called Mystery Stacks, the mystery stacks will randomly appear on your reels and then randomly become the same symbol, giving you the chance to win bigger winnings. The second bonus is called Free Super Magic Games. This bonus is activated when you get three cat symbols on any of the reels. You will then receive 10 more free spins with a multiplier between 2x and 6x.

Then, each time the Chinese currency symbol lands on the fifth reel, the multiplier increases by 1x, up to 6x. However, each time you fail to insert a Chinese coin symbol on reel 5, your multiplier will decrease by one, up to 2. The more identical symbols that appear in this game, the more free spins you win.

Manga Girls

Manga Girls is a game that lives up to its name and all manga lovers will find their account and will love this online slot game. 5 reels and 25 paylines with Japanese comic book girl symbols. The goal of the game is to have winning combinations from left to right. A bonus game is also available when the player starts a game. A classic game where you can make a lot of money!

Koi Princess

Koi Princess

Our number one is Koi Princess which is without a doubt the most popular manga-themed slot game online. Koi Princess is the perfect embodiment of the kind of princess found in so many different Japanese comics. The game is also very true to manga thanks to its style, original graphics and very well illustrated characters. Koi Princess offers 5 reels, three rows and 20 paylines. This exciting casino game offers several bonuses including free spins. The bonus game is activated when you have three symbols that represent the head of a dragon. So this game is really fun and gives you plenty of chances to win a great amount of money.

So we can see that there are several online casino games that are related to the manga theme. The great popularity of these not only in Japan, but all over the world makes them a perfect world for online gambling creators. Players can therefore play in universes that they know very well and this makes the gaming experience even better. We can hope that other great online games like Koi Princess, Manga Crazy or Manga Girls will continue to remain popular and that this will bring the passion of Japanese manga to even more people.

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